Well defined fun

by - June 18, 2019

Hello, and welcome to my blog.
My name is Apoorva and I am a designer from Bengaluru, India.

Ever since I was a kid, I was fascinated by fashion. I used to be amazed by how a plain fabric can be turned into beautiful attire. I use to rip my mom's sarees and my dad's shawls to make a dress, jacket, etc.,
One fine day, I decided to pursue what I dreamt of and did fashion designing along with my full-time corporate job. Now here I am living the life I dreamt of.

My blog will be all about Sewing projects, Styling, Lifestyle and travel.

Well defined fun

I love to mix strong pieces with feminine pieces. yesterday's style was all about the well defined cropped jacket with fun organza skirt. 

I am a sucker for jackets and blazers. They are classic and gives that chic look to your outfit. I strongly recommend investing in good jackets and blazers. If you are starting out, invest in neutral colors and work your way up to fun colors.

I was lucky to get my jacket done at my workplace. You can get similar jackets in retail outlets or it can be customized in any boutiques. The skirt that I am wearing is a simple circle skirt. The camisole I have tucked in is from H&M.

When I was wondering about taking pictures, the universe helped me with a collaboration. My first ever collaboration!  
I guess when you take one step, the universe helps you achieve another step.

Camisole: H&M
Jacket: Customized 
Skirt: Customized


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