How to drape a basic bodice on a dress form

by - July 23, 2019

I have been wanting to do a post on sewing or pattern making since that was the main intention I started this blog in the first place. But, little did I know about the efforts that go into these kinds of posts.
Taking pictures before and after every step is so much time-consuming. Respect to all those bloggers who do these kinds of projects.

Now that I am done with cribbing, let us learn how to drape a basic bodice on a dress form.

Materials needed:
1)Draping pins
2)Muslin cloth
5)Measurement tape
6)Dress form

Step 1:
Cut the fabric with 18inches in width and 24 inches in length. Cut 2 fabric, one for front and one for the back. (Selvedge-finished edge of the fabric)

Step 2:
Mark one inch on the selvage side and this line will be the center front of the bodice. Since both sides are symmetrical, draping on one side is enough.

Step 3:
The dress form has these lines that you have to follow through and start pinning.

Step 4:
Place the fabric on the dress form and follow the lines and pin on the centerline on the dress from. Make sure, you place the fabric a  little high as in the picture.  

Step 5:
Once you start pinning around the neckline, you will notice tension in the fabric. Snip the fabric from the top just above the neckline which will release the tension.

step 6:
Cut the extra fabric after snipping from the top.

Step 7:
Start pinning around the shoulder following the lines. 

Step 8:
Now pin around the armhole and till the waist. Make sure you don't pull the fabric and pin. just smoothen it by hands and pin it around armhole, bust, and waist. don't worry about the extra fabric. that would be the dart. release the tension of the fabric and snip off the extra fabric.

Step 9:
Mark a point on the bust point(the peak of the bust curve) on the fabric.

Step 10:
you will find a princess line in the middle of the waist, mark on that and hold the fabric around that point and start pinning till the bust point.

Step 11:
Mark the lines on the dress form on the neck, shoulder, armhole and all the way till waist with dotted lines using a pencil. I have used sharpie so that it will be visible. cut the extra fabric and you are done with draping the front bodice...! Yayyy:) 

Step 12:
You are gonna repeat the same steps on the back and you are done with the back draping.

Now remove the fabric from the dress form and cut at the dotted line and you will get your front and back bodice pattern. 

Happy draping:)

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