Sakleshpur-A beautiful getaway from Bangalore

by - July 09, 2019

Last weekend I had been to Sakleshpur with my friends and I was waiting to write about this beautiful getaway from Bangalore. 
It is around 270km from Bangalore, so you don't have to take leave. which is a win-win...! Because Your Saturday and Sunday are enough to take this trip. We booked Ola outstation cab for the travel. The Ola app shares an estimated trip cost and the best thing is it comes with free wifi...! We headed to Sakleshpur around 4.a.m in the morning and reached around 9am. 

We stayed in Veeras western ghats homestay. It was amidst lush green coffee estate. The place was really nice and the rooms were good too. The host was really helpful. 
Sakleshpur is a feast for eyes. It's a green paradise...! The lush greenery greets you everywhere.
Since July is a monsoon season, it was drizzling the whole day but that did not stop us from going out.

Here are a bunch of different and super fun things to do while in Sakleshpur:

Bisle Ghat:
Bisle ghat was around 50km from our homestay. Bisle ghat is referred to as 'heaven on earth'. the way to Bisle ghat was through really beautiful forest and we could spot a few water streams as well. It was literally heaven on earth. 

Manjehalli Falls:
After Bisle ghat, we headed to Manjehalli waterfalls. We had hot Maggi near the falls. We thought it would be climbing down a few steps to reach the falls, but turns out it was around 400 steps to get to the falls. After seeing the waterfalls, we felt that it was totally worth it...!

The water spray like a shower near the falls was like a reward from nature. Climbing back was a task...! The view of the falls was stunning....!

Manjarabad Fort:
We visited Manjarabad fort on our second day of the trip. I love ruins. it ignites my imagination on how people lived in these beautiful places. The Ariel view of this fort offers a wonderful star-shaped appearance, which is unique. If you want to use a drone, you might have to take permission.

The fort was built by Tippu Sultan with French assistance as protection for the army against the British. 
I find it fascinating to know about the history of places. 

Shettihalli church:
Ruins are intriguing and more intriguing are the mysterious stories spun around these forgotten structures. Shettihalli church is one of them.

After knowing the history of Manjarabad fort, we headed to another historic place.
I had heard a lot about Shettihalli Rosary church. It was built in the1860s by the French missionaries.
it is built in Gothic style. It was abandoned after the construction of the Hemvathi dam. 
From then on it has become a tourist spot. it does look beautiful and it is the best place to take amazing photos. 

I was expecting it to be half submerged in water since it was monsoon, season but my bad it was not. It is also known as The submerged church and The floating church. The view of the submerged church is beautiful is what I have heard. either way, we did end up taking a lot of pictures in this spot. The region surrounding the church is absolutely peaceful.

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