Dusky and Happy

by - August 20, 2019

I remember, as a kid, I was always told not to wear browns and blacks. considering I have a dusky skin tone... well, they were clearly wrong...! So, don’t ever listen to anyone until you try it on... don’t ever give the power to others to make you feel bad about your skin tone or anything for that matter... 
Dusky and happy...! 

I have been loving Bangalore weather lately...! It's so pleasant and I can finally wear jackets and blazers. 
since I got this dress stitched, I have been obsessed with it. But, I always wore it without much styling so I really wanted to try something new with this dress. So, I wore it with a black blazer and a belt. I'm happy with the outcome.  when it comes to accessories, I wore a layered neckpiece, a watch, and black sneakers.  

Dress: Tailored
Blazer: Tailored
Belt: H&M 
Bag: Van Huesen India
Sneakers: Vans 
Layered neckpiece: Joker and witch 

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