Playing with Basics

by - August 08, 2019

My mind always switches from something really dressy or basics. I tend to reach out for basics almost every day. Today was one of those days. I love how we can play with basics and turn them into something really fun. I used to be a girl who preferred ready to wear clothes than tailored ones. But now, I prefer tailored over ready to wear any day. Especially the basics. Because the basics are something you will end up wearing n number of times so, it has to fit really well and should look polished. 

I wore tailored formal pants and a white shirt with a fun short jacket and silver accessories.
With shoes and bags, I again went with a basic black bag and tan leather loafers. The jacket and the accessories changed the game. It's fun yet work-appropriate outfit.  

Pant & Shirt: Tailored
Jacket: Pantaloons fashion
Bag: Van Heusen 
Loafers: Max 

Have fun mixing up the basics with some fun jackets and accessories:) 

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