Abstract vibes

by - October 18, 2019

I had this full-length dress which I wore a lot and then got bored with it. That's when I realised that the fabric was too colourful to be a full-length dress.  
So, I converted into a circle skirt and I'm so glad I did it...!
I love wearing it now with a basic white shirt. 

I love having colours in my outfit whether its a clothing, bag, footwear or accessories. Maybe that's something that has got to do with me being an Indian. Indian culture is known for its use for vibrant colours. Also, bright colours make your day cheerful.

Paired the skirt and shirt with some basic kholapuri sandals and some street style accessories and I was all happy:)  

White shirt- Tailored 
Skirt-Me made
Kholapuri sandals-Commercial street, Bangalore
Accessories-Street market, commercial, Bangalore
Bag-Allen solly

PS: The pics were taken a month before and I totally forgot to upload. 

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