Reasons that will make you consider Sewing...!

by - November 13, 2019

Sewing is one such hobby that I have always loved. I remember those childhood days when I use to rip fabrics and hand sew it to make it look something unique. When my mom finally got me a sewing machine, I use to wait to come back from college to sew my clothes.

Sewing keeps my creative juices flowing and saves a ton of money:)  So, I thought why not put up a post on the reasons that will make you consider sewing.

One of its kind:  
Making an outfit which is one of its kind is what got me started with sewing. walking out without worrying that you might spot someone wearing the same kind of dress is a really good feeling. 
When you are sewing for yourself, you will have full freedom to play with different cuts, styles and fabrics. sometimes, it might end up being a disaster but that's gonna help you figure out what you shouldn't do next time. I have had my share of mishaps. 

Are you tired of getting ill-fitted clothes? then its time to try sewing.
Everyone has different body type and getting clothes that actually fit is a struggle. Ready to wear brands use the standard size for making clothes which will not fit everyone.

Clothing is all about the perfect fit. If it doesn't fit well, it won't make you feel comfortable which will end up making you loose confidence.
Well, who else knows about your body more than you..! When you sew for yourself, your fittings will be according to your body measurements so you will end up having a perfect fit outfit.

Mending your clothes:
Even if you are not planning to sew your own clothes, mending your clothes will help you a lot. I'm damn sure all of us have few clothes in our closet which needs a little mending and we are lazy to get it altered.

Well, this problem will be solved. Also, you will end up having more wearable clothes than before without even spending money.

Saving Money:
The money I used to spend on shopping was a lot when I got a job. I still remember those days when I use to shop almost every week. when I shifted to Bangalore I did not have a sewing machine so I ended up shopping a lot than making my clothes. After buying a new sewing machine, I have hardly shopped.

Think how much money you could save by mending your clothes and by creating new ones. It literally takes a few minutes to alter something. 

Making Money:
Once you develop your skills, you can sew things for others and make money. You don't have to be an expert to make money out of sewing. I have made money when I was in school by stitching a basic circle skirt and a top. I use to stitch for my neighbours and my relatives whenever I had time and they use to pay me a small amount but that meant a lot to me. First thing, because I was in school and any amount of money meant a lot and also I was super proud of myself earning out of my hobby.

So, just start and you will slowly develop skills with trial and error. if you don't know how to do something, just google it. That's how I learned most of it.

You never know you might even turn your hobby into a job one day....!

Feel good factor:
Sewing your own clothes does wonder to your self-esteem. When you wear a dress that you made and someone comments and asks where did you get it from? you get that glow on your face and will be so proud to say "I made it"

Stress relief:
Did you know that sewing reduces stress and anxiety? Yes, you read it right. one more reason to start sewing.
Also, it increases concentration and creativity.

Environmental impact:
Did you know that fashion is the second-largest polluter in the world after the oil industry?
Gone are those days when people used to wear one shirt for years. Since fast fashion provides clothes cheaply and quickly, people end up buying, wearing and discarding clothes.

By recycling your existing clothes, you can contribute to the planet.
If you are sewing your own clothes, you will love it and will wear it for a longer time.

Hope these reasons make you consider sewing...!

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