Slip dress + sweater styling

by - January 04, 2020

Buy Less, Choose well, Make it last....!- Vivienne Westwood.

Just like most of the girls, even I used to be a clothing hoarder. I used to buy clothes almost every week which was not even worn often. At one point it was frustrating to see so many clothes that took up so much space in my room. 
Also, it was the time i got to know more about fast fashion, its impact on the environment and unethical labour practices of the fast fashion industry. 

After reading so many articles, I decided that I will try my best to buy clothes only if needed.
Most of the times I stitched clothes by myself. At the end of the year(2019), I was surprised that I managed to achieve my goal. In 2019 I had bought only one shirt, one legging and one footwear.
I did stitch a few clothes for myself which I adored wearing so many times. 

Below are the clothes I made for my self in 2019

It's high time that we started making sustainable and ethical clothing choices. Because Fashion shouldn't cost the earth.

Now let me talk about my outfit. I guess I have literally worn this black dress almost every week. 
Every time I wear this dress, I try to add something new to it, to make it look stylish. This time, I wore a sweater on it and tied it near the waist using a ribbon and folded it inward so that it would give shape near the waist. It Created a draped texture, which I love....!

Sweater tip: If you are bored with your old sweater, hand stitch some stones on it to make it look classy and sparkly. 

I wore a regular black vans sneakers which I wear almost every day. 
For accessories, I wore a watch and anklet which again I wear every single day with a bangle. 

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