Tools you need to get started with Sewing

by - January 01, 2020

Once you make up your mind to start sewing, there are certain basic tools you need to get started with.
As a beginner, you don't need to own all the fancy sewing tools available in the market. Just basic tools will be good to go.

Below is the list of the tools that are needed  to get started with:

Measuring tape:

One of the important tool to get started with. measuring tapes are marked with inches on one side and cms on the other side. They come in 60inches and 120inches length.
It is mostly used to take body measurements. It is also used to measure the fabrics which are longer than the ruler.


It is used to draw straight lines while making patterns and also to measure fabrics.
There are different types of rulers available based on the materials they are made up of.  For example  wooden ruler, clear plastic ruler etc.,


Shears have a long blade, making them ideal for cutting out fabrics. They have a bent handle to allow to cut the fabric on the flat surface.
Try to buy good quality shears. These have to be sharp and should be used only to cut fabrics. 

Paper scissors:

Never use shears to cut paper or anything other than cloth. I repeat, never use shears to cut papers. It will dull the blades.
In addition to shears, buy paper scissors to cut paper pattern, zipper or trims. These scissors are smaller than shears.

French curve:

A French curve is not a basic tool but I would highly recommend this for beginners. It is used to mark armholes and neck-hole. This tool helps you get that perfect neck shape and armhole. 
When I initially started sewing, I used to do a freehand drawing of armholes and neck and I used to end up with not so perfect curves.

Draping pins:

Draping pins are used for fitting or draping. These are also used to keep 2 fabrics in place before stitching. It is really important to pin the fabrics together when you are working with flowy fabrics.  

When I initially started sewing, I did not use draping pins and I use to struggle a lot to keep 2 pieces of fabric together. As a beginner draping pins make your sewing process easy.

Seam ripper:

Not every time you will end up with perfect stitch and that's when seam ripper comes in handy. It is used to remove the stitches from seams, either as a result of an error or during alterations. 
A seam ripper is designed to slip between the fabric layer and snip the thread without damaging the fabric.

I came across seam ripper only when I was studying fashion designing. Earlier I used to remove seams with the help of scissors or needle and had a hard time doing it. Also, there are chances of damaging the fabric. So, I highly recommend seam ripper.

Tailor's Chalk:

It is used to transfer pattern markings to the fabric. They are available in many colours.
Most commonly used marking chalks are regular chalks and wax chalks.

Wax chalk markings are removed by ironing it and the regular chalk markings are removed by just brushing it off by a fabric.


Hand sewing needle:

The hand sewing needle is used for mending, basting, sewing buttons and to sew invisible seams(hemming).


Last but not least. You would need threads to sew. the most used threads are cotton and polyester ones. Make sure to use high-quality threads so that it won't break easily.
It is always better to keep white and black threads in stock.

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